Car Immobiliser IMMO Off Tools, ECU EEPROM Editing Software + 76.000 Files Free Download

1.IMMO Service tools for EDC17 and Dash.
2.EFFI Tool
4.AETOOL V1.3 (for ECU decoding)
5.Alfa immo reset decode immo reset decode
7.ICC - Immo Code Calculator v147

8.Immo killer 1.10
9.Immo tool 26.12.2007
10.Immo Universal Decoding
11.IMMO UNIVERSAL DECODING immo reset decode
13.OtoCheck Immo Tool v2.0 English
14.peugeot citroen immo reset decode
15.renault immo reset decode immo reset decode
17.vw immo reset decode

18.Haynes PRO 2015
- Cracked and ready to run.

Airbag repair tools included.

76,000+ IMMO EEPROMs and ECU Remap files, tuned & original.

This a list of a few of the IMMO Tools included.
There is a lot of professional software here, all tested and working 100% on Windows 7 x64.